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**Internationally Accredited**

**100% Intenship placement**
**Flexible Teaching Methods**
**80% employability**
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Cameroon Petroleum Academy is an engineering school which offers Diploma programmes covering the oil and gas industry.


Our Objective

The school’s primary objective is to provide training programs that directly meet the needs of industry, enabling students to access a wide range of positions at the beginning of their professional careers and for them to be immediately operational in the workplace


Holistic Development

CPA provides world class education and while the students are introduced and made familiar with new technologies and concepts. There is also a strong emphasis on imbibing the right values and ethics.

Latest info

Admissions are Open for 2016/2017.
GCE "A" level holders can apply for HND or EBA.
NVQ holders can apply for HND top up.
HND holders can apply for EBA.
Degree Holders are advised to apply for any professional programmes.


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